No Client Contractor Project No Project Details Status
1 Public Authority for Industries, Kuwait AL-SAI PAI/14/2012-2015 Soil treatment of Sabhan Industrial Area, Block -II Earthwork Phase Under Progress
2 MOI, Kuwait Abyar Gulf Company 6/2014-2015 Construction, Completion and Commissioning of Car shades for all departments in the Ministry Under Progress
3 MOE, Kuwait Privatization Eng. Company 13 Performing the maintenance, restoration and construction works of the school and buildings of Ahmadi Educational Area Under Progress
4 Al-Rawdatain Water Bottle Co. Privatization Eng. Company RWBC/1/2013 Construction of Stores for Rawdatain water bottle company Under Progress
5 PAAET, Kuwait Privatization Eng. Company PA/AFA/9-2016/2017 Construction, completion and maintenance of classrooms and laboratory for technology of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for the College of Technological studies - Shuwaikh Campus Under Progress